These tips for girls who do it for the first time

Posted by boyadoe on Friday, January 7, 2011

These new tips for women who do it, hopefully with, funny stories, this can make you slightly less debt.
and could provide new information for you to do it

1. Lie down quietly, although you will definitely feel tense or nervous ...

2. He will be approached and asked if you are afraid. if he asks so, gelengkanlah your head with great courage.

3. Then he will begin to include it. Maybe your body temperature will increase, but quiet enough, he'll do it carefully ...

4. He will look at your eyes in deeply, and ask you to trust him. However, he already had plenty of experience in this regard.

5. Charming smile will make you a little relaxed, and you'll open it wider so that he could enter easily. Today you may be asked to do so more quickly, but he was in no hurry, so you're not in pain.

6. He also will ask if you feel sick. If he asks so, though with tears in their eyes keep shaking your head, and asked him to forward it. at this moment perhaps you will also feel a little numb.

7. After a while, you will feel a tremendous relief, and he'll pull it out. He then would smile warmly, and complimented how great you are.

8. Smile, because after all, this is your first experience ...

... pull the tooth ...

come on, the thinking going on? Hahaha ... =))

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